Tattoo Shop in Amarillo

So, you have decided that you want to get a tattoo in Amarillo – what’s next?

First, pick the spot where you want the tattoo. This has a major impact on what design you can choose. Next, pick the style/theme of your tattoo and finally close in on the final design with a rough sketch. Then, you can finally go to the tattoo shop of your choice, sit down with an artist and talk about your ideas. Unless you are a talented artist yourself, you will probably want to let the tattoo artist handle the detailed tattoo design. Of course, they should do it after your idea, but a good tattoo artist will be able to come up with amazing ideas if you let them!

Now let’s go into details!

How to pick the right spot

Like mentioned before, the spot for the tattoo is an important first decision. There’s a few things you should keep in mind, though.

First, does your job require you to hide the tattoo? In many careers, tattoos are still frowned upon (think banking, insurance).

Next you should think about your budget – can you afford that huge, intricate tattoo across your back?

And of course, if you just want a small Chinese character, your back is probably the wrong spot. Think about the size of the tattoo you want!

Lastly, something you might want to consider: some spots just hurt a lot more than other. So for your first tattoo, maybe you want to pick a spot that is less painful.

How to pick the perfect tattoo

Once you’ve decided on the right place to get a tattoo, you should decide on the style and theme. Browse for inspiration until you find something that catches your eye. On Miami Ink, there’s thousands of tattoo designs to browse through – you will surely find something there.

Or maybe you already have something in mind. Maybe it’s a certain style, like a tribal tattoo or something Celtic, or maybe it’s a specific meaning you want to have. Try making it as clear as possible what you want, write it down, explain it to someone. You’ll have to be very clear about it once you go to your artist.

Next, draw a simple sketch of what you want your tattoo to look like. If you are really bad at drawing, you can also just describe what you imagine with words and pictures as references. This will help the artist create something amazing for you!

But for that, you need to pick a tattoo parlor or even a specific artist to go to!

How to pick a tattoo shop in Amarillo

The first factor you should consider will be the price. There’s really good and famous tattoo shops, and there’s the normal ones. Obviously, the famous shops are a lot more pricey. When you are looking for your tattoo shop in Amarillo, there’s a few things to consider:

  • Popularity
  • Price
  • Experience
  • Treatment
  • The shop itself

A popular shop will probably have better artists, but also will be more expensive. Experienced artists are able to create a more intricate tattoo, but for a much higher price. So for something simple, a less experienced but still professional artist may be perfectly fine. But you never ever want to go to a shop where you are treated badly! If the shop doesn’t make you feel good, just go to another. There’s plenty of tattoo shops in Amarillo, so you can be picky!

And finally, once you found the right shop, go get your tattoo done! I wish you the best of luck, may you enjoy it for years to come!


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